Please learn more about e-filing by downloading our 2nd District E-Filing Guide.

In the Second Judicial District Court, the following document types are not accepted for filing:

  • Notice of Non-Availability
  • Interrogatories and Responses to…
  • Request for Production and Responses to…
  • Request for Admissions and Responses to…

Please be sure when searching for a case in the e-filing system that you use the following format:


Where ZZ is the case type and YYYY is the four digit year and XXXXX is the remaining five digit (always insert a leading zero to make this number five digits)

  • Example: D202CV201103421

If you have questions related to how the e-fililng system operates, or problems with registering your firms, please contact Tyler Technologies at 800-297-5377.

2nd Judicial District Court Email Addresses For Submitting Judge-Issued Documents

Civil Judges

Children’s Court Judges

Criminal Judges

Family Judges